Rebecca Delgado Coaching

Bespoke CAREER & personal coaching.

Why work with a coach? Well, it’s a bit like having a personal trainer for your mind and your life. Whether it’s about your career, your personal life, or something else, coaching has the ability to take you from where you are to where you want to get to and beyond in a fun and powerful way. Rather than struggling trying to tackle everything on your own, the process offers tailored support to help you reach the next levels of wherever you want to get to. Don’t wait to start creating change; take the first step today. Read more about what coaching is here, and be in touch to book a free consultation call here.

I have been on such a journey with Rebecca. Her coaching has helped me change my life. My confidence has hugely developed and I am excited about the future.
— W


Read what some current and previous clients are saying about the coaching process.

I am hugely more confident. I am way more grounded in my work and my direction. Nothing is too far away, or impossible.
— W


“For the first time in my life I was able to accept help and although it felt terrifying at first - it was the best thing I have ever done. Within a month Rebecca created such a strong discomfort for me that going back to my comfort zone of misery and hopelessness was not an option anymore. I was not just motivated to change my life - I knew this was the only option I would accept. I gradually found a passion of mine and with Rebecca’s help slowly started to build the confidence, the strategy and the picture of how I want my life to look like. Eventually I found a company I loved and got a job that allows me to use my skills as well as my passion. The coaching has been empowering and life changing.”


"Rebecca has a talent in extracting your unconscious goals from you, encouraging them, nurturing the dream then helping you plot a step by step plan to reach it. She holds you accountable and supports you on the way. Rebecca offers a very holistic approach to career coaching that by it's very nature has also led me to make changes on the wider scale that have been beneficial to other elements of my life."


"Through coaching, I've learned that to follow your dream and going for it gives you an immense sense of pride and the feeling of being alive. To follow your dream, to try something you've always wished for is amazing."


“My coaching journey has been life changing, and I attribute it to the work I’ve done here - I feel happier, calmer, have started to have fun again, and am approaching the life of my dreams. Thank you.”

I feel alive and ready to move forwards. I feel a deeper sense of purpose and engagement. I am enjoying my progress. I have become less stressed. I am excited for what happens next and I am eager to go on that journey. I have the tools to move forwards, to make changes where necessary, and create opportunities.
— W