Back to Basics

Is it just me, or do we seem to be overloaded with books and talks telling us to Slow down, be Quiet, stay Still, eat Raw and sleep Clean? To unplug and just be, dim the lights, face our partners and live our lives in a, well, less hectic way? There's a sense of craving the very basics of life, fundamentals that not that long ago were a given in most people's lives. Before the arrival of smart devices and nonstop screen time, life for most of us was in fact less stressful. 

I am the first person to sign the dotted line when it comes to living a life of simplicity, purity and authenticity, embracing all the imperfection that comes with the territory. But somehow, I'm under the impression that we are being encouraged to discover the very basics of existence as if they were new. Revolutionary. The fact is that we know all of these things already, us humans, and have done so for thousands of years. We're smart creatures, and we know that sleep, stillness and a comfortable tempo is what we prefer. There just happens to be a whole lot of distractions right now that are making us forget. 

Instead of looking outwardly for new ways of doing things and letting the experts teach you something you already know, look within and listen to what your body is already saying. Nobody knows you better than the vessel that carries you around every day. If you listen carefully, you'll hear it whispering when it's tired, when it craves sleep or a cuddle. It will tell you how long you need to sleep per night. No need to get the book, just listen to your body.

Our bodies are the wisest experts we'll ever come across, and the best part about them is that they are accessible to us all, for free, all the time. Consider your body your best friend and start communicating with it on a daily basis. The rewards are vast.  

By tuning into our bodies, we are tapping into thousands of years of wisdom that has developed and been tweaked through evolution, only to get us to the place where we are, right now. Your body will be the first to tell you when something is right, and when something is wrong. Whether you like the person you are sitting next to, or whether you might want to move to the next seat. Allowing yourself to be guided by your body's wisdom is to save yourself time, effort and energy by simply channeling what is already there - your own embodied wisdom that will ultimately be the most tailored and savvy guide to your that life you could possibly have. 

Rebecca Delgado