The Power of Perspective


The world is in a bit of a state at the moment, to put it mildly. Fragile situations are being pushed to their limits, what we know as tradition is being chucked out the window and long hidden open secrets are being exposed, creating a ripple effect of outrage, shock and sadness. It is natural to react with anger when we receive news of events that strongly clash with our value system. That which we most believe is being trampled on, and there are few things that can cause such strong emotional reactions as our core values being messed with.

But. There is a ‘but’ coming here.

Once we have experienced the first wave of anger and gone through the initial outburst of emotion, there is room for a different tide. The sands shift, and in the shifting, an opportunity presents itself. Opportunity for what, you may ask? After anger, what is there left except for feelings of disappointment and resentment, and why should I have to bother?

The opportunity in this case is an invitation to explore a different perspective than your current one. Even when we really, really don’t want to, adopting a different viewpoint of any type of situation can be the missing piece that will move us towards clarity, resolution and even forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that we have to condone whatever it is that has upset us, far from it. But embracing another point of view means that we have the chance to reach a further understanding of a situation, an understanding that may release us from pain and propel us into action.

While as a society we are not usually taught to do it, there is something incredibly powerful about stepping into ‘the other’ and seeing a situation from a completely different point of view than we would normally observe. When perspectives shift, horizons broaden, and maybe, just maybe, do we get clearer on how we would like to act about the specific situation we are being affected by.

After all, change doesn’t occur by idly watching things happen. Change comes about when we contribute, in our own way; by taking a stand, making our voices heard and offering our unique perspective that may just be what the world needs to move forward in this very moment. In order for this to happen, we must become clear on how we feel about something, and more importantly, why. Surprisingly, stepping into the other is the one step that can help you reach that clarity quicker than any other route.

Consider exploring different perspectives on situations and have fun with it; it may just be that your insights gained are the ones that will help create the change the world so desperately craves. Your time is now.