What is Co-Active Coaching?


Think of the sea. A massive body of water filled with waves and streams, home to an endless variety of creatures and forgotten stories resting on its bottom. Seemingly unpredictable, the sea is where opposing energies meet to create swirls and storms, but also a stillness seldom experienced anywhere else. The sea is majestic, full of possibilities. The sea is being.

Now think of the place where the sea meets land. The beach, the sand, your toes curling into the warm and sometimes moist grains. On land, we stand with both feet on the ground. There’s space for us to run, walk, jump or lie down. Here we take our actions, do our thinking and share a sense of trust that the ground will be staying steady and firm beneath our feet. The sand is doing.

Co-Active Coaching is a little bit like the sea and the land. It encompasses that place where there is both unlimited possibilities and a ground to walk on. At sea, we allow ourselves to be carried by the infinite power of the water. On land, we put on foot after the next, creating a path and a forward motion, leaving a trace behind.

Existing requires both being and doing. Being is the state where we generate and regenerate inspiration, intuition, dreams, visions; all that we carry inside and all that we receive from others. The doing is our more practical side; the planning and the strategizing, the hard working and the patience followed by jump starts.

When doing becomes an extension of being, harmony is created between these two elements, and we find ourselves on the shore where sea and land meet. This is where we want to be, allowing for the vastness to meet the steadiness, creating the best of both worlds. Embracing this space means taking actions that stem from a place of possibility, space and big thinking. The sea is empowering, and from the shore we make empowered choices.

By moving forward in a Co-Active way, you’ll start noticing the impactful shifts that are taking place in your life. Co-Active Coaching is not entirely unlike Yin and Yang, the principle from Chinese philosophy based on the idea that everything, all things, exists as contradictory opposites, and that this is exactly the way it is supposed to be. Importantly, each side has at its core an element of the other. Yin and Yang is also the starting point for change. From there, the point where two worlds meet, we can do anything, and everything is possible.

What does this mean for you? It means that in Co-Active coaching, we marry the vast, unexplored possibilities that lie within and ahead of you with the nuts and bolts of taking action. The results are both powerful and specific.

To find out more about how a Co-Active approach could work specifically for you, be in touch.