coaching faq


what is coaching?

Coaching is a bit like having a personal trainer for the mind. Together with your coach, you define the areas of your life and/or career that you want to see change in, and you get to work. Coaching goes deep and it goes wide, and ultimately the end goal is to help you create the kind of life and reality that you crave, in a way that works for you.

Part of the process often means weeding out unhelpful elements in your life that might be holding you back or are making you feel stuck. Letting go of these also means making space for the new, a necessary process for change to take place. 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty
— Maya Angelou


when is coaching suitable?

When you feel ready to take action for change and really dive in. Whether it's a specific area that you are looking to create change or movement in, or a more subtle feeling of something not feeling quite right in your life, the coaching process will enable you to discover more about yourself and create impactful change based on who you are.

Important to note is that coaching is different to therapy. Coaching focuses on the now and on what's next, whereas therapy often focuses on the past and problem solving. Coaching requires that the client feels ready to commit to taking action to create change. If you feel unsure of what you need, be in touch to discuss this further.

what kind of coaching do you offer?

The individual one-to-one coaching session focuses on the change or direction that you want. That might mean a strategy to fulfill your dreams, an overhaul of your working methods, a career change, becoming more creative in your daily life, shedding old habits to make room for new ones. It can be all of the above but also something completely different - it's all up to you.


By signing up for a free 30-min consultation call, you have the opportunity to explore whether coaching is for you, with no strings attached. Please be in touch to set up a call.



Coaching sessions take place online or over the phone, or in person sessions in central London. Please be in touch to find out more about how coaching could work for you. 

I’m interested - what do I do?

Be in touch with a quick message here and I’ll be in touch to book in a free consultation call with you.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take
— Wayne Gretzky